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Monday, April 20, 2009

Our trip to Kelowna was so much fun. We went to the go cart rides and the three younger kids rode on them. Then they all played some games. The place was okay a little run down but the kids did not notice.

It is so nice to see everyone play nicely together. Even the older kids had fun

These type of Arcade places kind of scare me. They remind of a nasty movie I watched once. I also get a lonely feeling kind of like being homesick.

Now these guys look like they are having fun.
My baby goat stood up today all by himself. He keeps both back legs straight and uses his front legs to pull himself up. I was so excited to see it. Now if I can only get him to walk. He is eating well and we bring him out on grass only when we are with him. He will have to stay inside the barn when I am not with him. He is so cute. I changed their milk today so I hope it does not upset their stomach. I had a quick little visit with Jordan tonight. He was only home for around an hour then he had to go back to the base. He had one of his shoes and one of Dalton's shoes. And he didn't even know it. I asked him when he came home did he need his shoe or was he having computer withdrawal. He said Both! Did you know my middle boy is going to be fifteen on Monday. How crazy is that!!!
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