Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Clean Front Yard

We have worked until we can't work any more. The term sore just doesn't say how we really feel. For weeks now I have been working on our front yard. I have one spot where the darn wind brought in a bunch of pine needles. I am so ready for Easter Bunny to hop our way.

I am totally unhappy with my pond. I decided to close in the top half. It broke my heart to do it but we need a two hundred dollar or more pump to run the water fall. So far every year we have had to replace the pump. It is just too expensive. Plus we lost a dog in the pond last fall. So with it being smaller scale we should be able to monitor it better.

Last night my phone rang at 2am from my husband that he was broke down. So I had to go into Lower Nicola to meet him. I was so tired as I had been woken up already three times. I could hardly drive I could only look straight in front of the van to drive:) Then to top it off the whole way it I kept thinking MAN I hope I did not dream it... Then I came home climbed into bed for a bit before I headed outside to do chores. After I drove my kids to school I met Nana for our walk. We then came out and worked on the pond all day.
So since I can hardly move. My knees hurt so bad from the big rocks. My back hurts from lifting I am off to find Tylenol and go to bed. I wonder if tonight will be more peaceful...
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Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so beautiful!! I can tell you have done a lot of work out there, I bet the Easter Bunny will be more than happy to hop along your route. I think he may run away from our house with all the yucky brown snow trying to melt. Could you come up here this summer to help out my yard?! It needs it!