Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posing on our awesome rock. The girls are doing their Lulu lemon pose!

We were having so much fun but laughing way too much.

Yesterday my two youngest went to the carnival with their friends. Nish had soccer and Dalt and I had to go to Kamloops to pick up my husband. Our logging truck is broke down again.
If this part they put is not under warranty our bill will be nearly or over 10,000. We will find out today. The part we had fixed was done by their mechanic and they truck only moved for two hours to dump the load so we are hoping!!! Not a good thing to go into break up with.
I am painting Tanisha's old room and all our exercise equipment will go in there. One wall is bright red the rest will be cream. I would like to do something with the floor. I am not sure what though. I would like that foam stuff they put down on children's play rooms or exercise rooms. I have a feeling it will be too expensive for now.
well my paint is waiting talk to you all soon
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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are good. You and mom look beautiful! I like the look of Star. She looks clever. I would like a puppy like that one. i think.Nice Easter Pics.