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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I that a pained look. You feel really awkward people cheering at you. Everyone in the race is very much the center of attention. There were bands playing school and adults. People singing. People cheering. Wonderful encouraging chalk words I really think that was my favorite. Very nice children cheering encouraging. People handing out water. Police on motorbikes and in their cars monitoring the run and traffic. It was really incredible. Would I do it again....probably yes. I just need a walking partner... I am off to work on my husband what fun it would be to do it with him.

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freshisle said...

Congratulations! Very impressive. And I, of course, love the pink jacket!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair!
Look at that guy checkin' you out as you walk by! AND it isn't even your husband!

Sunflower Farm said...

I love my pink jacket also. As for the man he just wants to make a comment on no snow. I have heard it all before :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing your 12 k. Did the kids finish too? I like that you got a new marathon outfit and hair do.

Jane said...

Thought you would like to know I read your blog on my cell at work in my lunch break the other day.Much more exciting than just eating my lunch...congrats on your race quite a feat.