Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today on our walk (which I might add we did quite fast) we saw a huge wood pecker. He was a wood pecker on steroids. He really was quite lovely. The Wood peckers had a lovely patch of bright red. It truly is amazing some of the magnificent natural beautiful things about. We also see some very fat Robins. They are so fat we do not know how they can fly. The Robins look like the have stuffed them selves with worms.
We are trying to walk either every day or at least several times a week. We are doing this to get ready for our walk in 22 days...!!!!
Last night I went outside every two hours and I am absolutely knackered. Finally this morning the goat had. Slow she was slower than molasses in the middle of winter.
One more to have. I really Hope she waits until morning I am very tired.
Every time I went outside it was snowing last night. I just do not get this weather. I don't understand what is happening it is absolutely miserable.
I am just finishing up my books for Gst and Wcb time. I hate sitting here doing books but I am nearly finished. I won't do anymore tonight as I am too tired and I usually screw up. I actually mess up when I am not tired:) I have not been fired yet ...darn it...
Well I am off outside talk to you all soon

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