Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Morning
Another weekend gone by. Yesterday on our last ice time my oldest daughter plays for Midget house and they were playing a team from out of town there was a bench brawl. I have heard of them but never seen one and all I was hoping my daughter would stay on the bench and not get in the middle of all those boys fighting. We have 3 -5 girls on our team and none of them seem to aggressive. It was crazy all the kids were fighting but I am not sure what about. So now I am not sure what is going to happen the coach sounded like he quit last night it seems so unfair always a few people have to wreck it for the other's.
We have had our first snow fall yesterday the wind is very cold and it froze to just about -10 last night. It caught me off guard the cold so I hope all my bunnies are okay. I know the goats and sheep will be warm but it never fails we always get a hard rain before a cold spell.
I have finished knitting the two pieces for my vest now I must figure out how to put it together. I am little worried my pieces do not match. Only time will tell. I also started knitting some beautiful white Angora I had spun it thick and thin and added a touch of sparkle. It is very pretty so I hope the finished product is just as nice.
Anyways have a Great day off to wake up children.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Good Morning It is Friday Yeah!
Today is a Soccer tournament for my ten year old daughter so lets hope the weather holds up in previous years we have played soccer in blowing cold wind, snow and rain. Last night was the high school dance and concession duty at the arena it was the first time I didn't mind concession duty only myself and one other parent in the arena last night. Do you ever wonder were do all the other parents go? The arena was better than sitting in the van until 10pm I only had to sit for 1 1/2 hours I parked under a street light knitted and listened to my ipod not too bad. This dance is better than the Christmas dance that waiting is just too cold. In the arena last night I was trying my luck at spindle spinning I find the spinning wheel way easier and spindle spinning the curses just fly out of your mouth. I have not enough wool of my Shetland and silk for the vest I am trying to make I have just a small amount left to spin so I hope to make it go far. Anyways only have of my children are up. I am off to go find the rest. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our lunch table setting

My neighbors enjoying our lunch
Yeah I got out of hockey duty tonight my husband does not have to leave at 2am so he went tonight. However it is the calm before the storm the next two nights are hectic with concession duty. Today I had a nice lunch with my neighbors it is so easy to by past taking the time to visit but when one does take the time it is quite nice. I am to go to spinning tomorrow but I am just not in the mood I have to be in town from 2:30pm until 10pm and I find it is just getting too much with the running around. Today was a beautiful fall day a little wet this morning but quite nice by 3pm and I enjoyed going out watering the rabbits and checking all the animals out. Well I must run I hope to go to bed early but I always get a second wind and I end up staying up way too late.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Our Shetland Ram has beautiful fleece but he is very unpredictable at 6 months he was already bashing fences we are not too sure how long he will stick around. It is not worth having the worry with him, the kids can't go in the pen when he is out and we are always looking over our shoulder. When we had the sheep and goats out in the yard he rammed the dog and rammed our blow up ghost.
Building Cages is not an easy task. Without the right tools you end up with blood blisters, cut fingers and a lot of cursing. However I won I have put together four and I am waiting on the rest of the wire to finish off the job. It is such a nice feeling when a big job is done. I had a little trouble putting rabbits in the shiny new cages but it is done. I came in and made a business card label for each bunny with their name, age tattoo and mamma's name. I won't be working with the Rabbits today I have to bake, have supper ready early(so my daughter can feed everyone) while I go off to hockey tonight. If I do work with the bunnies everyone eats wool!
Tomorrow I am having three of my neighbors over for lunch so I just finished baking a cake.
On the weekend my oldest son broke his $130.00 hockey stick I felt so sorry for him after his last game he can hardly walk, sore swollen knees, two sore wrists and he tells me he is still having fun...My middle son told me in his last game he hit the glass or boards (he is not sure which) so hard first everything blurred then he saw double of everything. I am sure that is not good however nobody listens to me when I think they should take up a milder sport. My two daughters won both of there games the youngest got the first goal on her team.
I am half way finished my vest but I had to put knitting on hold while my left wrist healed up it hurt so bad I had to wear a braces I do that now and again if I do too much hay yard work etc.
I think my next project is either going to be a Mohair blanket or a new poncho in dark colours. Only time will tell, I should also get caught up my scrap-booking and I have to think Christmas. I am ahead in buying some of the kids presents but I must get more organized on it soon. Have a wonderful day

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is my husband working on his truck this morning and this would be the morning he finally noticed the puppies....He was not impressed. He did say if I put this picture on my Blog he would Sue me and I said "Good Sue for lots we need the money" :) He just doesn't get my sense of humor.

Meet Cowboy and Berton

This was our sky this morning. There were many airplanes and they seemed to go in a circle usually they only fly over and never as many as there was today. It does unnerve you before Sept 11 you would not have taken too much notice.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Our lives are revolving around our 4 legged friends. The other day my parents took their Saint Bernard Dog to the vet for a sore leg and he never came home he had advanced bone cancer that had already move on to his lungs. It was really sad we had no idea and it caught us off guard. Then my Yorkshire Terriers eye is healing but really looks ugly and it is quite awful. I don't think he will see out of it again. Then we have two new puppies which I am pretty sure my husband has not notices yet but I hear him driving in with the logging truck right now so I am sure he will notice because it is his first time coming home in the daylight hours. Which I will post this later.... Back soon
Well he may of noticed but no comment. We are on our 5th trip to town and two of those go out of town to the next towns and we for sure a have two more maybe 3 more trips. Do you know how much gas that is? Well I must run to the arena talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My accomplishments at the Retreat.
All Rabbits are caught up and they are sporting nice new hair cuts. I am waiting on some new wire so I can redo some of my cages it will be nice to get them all organized before the snow hits. Some of my Angora Rabbits are so beautiful you just have to stop grooming them and give them a hug they are so fluffy and kissable. I was reading my New Holland magazine at the arena tonight and there was an article about a man who buys Holstein calves and nurses them back to health and then re- sells them. Anyway it makes me want to go buy a new born calf from the auction we used to do that when we were kids and they are so lovable with their big brown trusting eyes. A new calf is honestly the best it is a good thing I do not live near the auction or I would probably have one by the end of the week. Another thing I would love to do is raise a bunch of bottle goat (kids) one time my mom brought me home 10 -12 babies it was so much fun a lot of work but fun. Anyways enough dreaming. I started spinning some beautiful Alpaca and silk today it is so nice to spin. I tried posting some photos yesterday but they would not load so I will try again tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Nice Weekend

I had a nice weekend at the Cache creek Retreat Desert Messa. My neighbor and I left at 10:35 am and arrived in Cache Creek in time to stop at a cute gift store and I bought my family a gift pack of a variety of fudge. Then we met another Lady and had lunch then of to the Retreat. I helped set up chairs, helped carry supply's in. Then I set up my spinning wheel and spun all weekend. I did accomplish lots and I visited some very nice ladies, ate lots and nobody should eat as much as we did it is a good thing it is only once a year:)I was very tempted to buy an Antique Spinning Wheel it was very nice NO I do not need it but she was very sweet. I should go order her...
My family faired well did a lot of hockey bought three pairs of new skates a few new hockey sticks.
Today I sheared a bunny and I hope to do one again tomorrow and then one the next day and I should be caught up. I have ordered some wire for new cages so when that gets here I will be kept busy for awhile. Well I must go I am off to a soccer game, hockey game, concession duty, and two hockey practices so talk to you all soon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beautiful Fall Day

Tomorrow I am off for my Spinning Retreat I am looking forward to it. I had a great time last year even though I only knew a few people. I am traveling over with my neighbor, she and her friend are the two who put on the retreat. I am taking my Aplaca Fibre to the lady who owns Crofton mills so it is really exciting. I am a little worried on leaving my husband with all the hockey he has 2 games out of town both over 3-4 hours traveling plus two games in town and three practices. I will put on my cell phone, turn it to vibrate so I don't disrupt the hum of Spinning wheels. That way I will be a phone call away for moral support :) Last year my youngest son was a little lost with the shuffle so I hope they will all be okay this time.
I had to take in 4 logging truck tires and a big tank of something (to do with welding or cutting) into town for my husband which they were all very dirty. He goes "I always run all over to Kamloops for you" and Yeah how dirty does he get in Kamloops or how heavy are they. He has no sense of humor over it :)
I managed to do a lot of knitting at the arena we had all four of the ice times in town last night but I find because I am so cold I must tense up because my fingers and shoulders really hurt. Heat is the only thing that makes them feel better.
Anyways have a wonderful weekend and talk to you all soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A long weekend coming to an end. It was a busy time but we managed to fit in a Turkey dinner we had it at 7 pm Sunday night. My mom cooked the turkey and brought it over to our house it was really nice. However my younger kids were so wired they were bouncing of the roof. Do you know the Christmas excitement hyper... well they were worse than that. It is truly amazing I do not have gray hair.
The hockey was good but very rough, today my oldest boy played in the finals for first place they came second. He was in about 20 seconds of his first shift in the first period and he hit head on with a very large boy and he hurt his chest. He could not breath until he reached they bench and was spitting up blood. After awhile of coaxing he agreed to go the hospital where they checked him out and took an xray and it turned out clear. Now he hurts really bad, has trouble breathing and when he move a certain way it really bothers him and has a huge headache. He is 6 feet tall but weighs under 150 lbs. I can handle lot of things except when my kids get hurt but I handled it quite well you don't count my hands were shaking so bad that when I was knitting I made a huge mess.
So tonight we are into our 4th on-ice time I will head in about 8:45 to pick up my daughter.
I have been doing some Wonderful dyeing with Mohair. Mohair takes the colour so well it is great to work with. I am heading to my retreat next weekend and I am very excited so I should prepare by not eating much this week so I can sit around all weekend spinning ,knitting and eating. Have a wonderful evening.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (In Canada) Everyone! The start of a long weekend I truly love holidays the only thing is life does not slow down enough to enjoy the holidays at home. We will spend ours with 15 ice times one game 2 1/2 hours away, two time keeping plus two concession duties (not while my child is on the ice)and then two ice times to work the gate for the tournament. If one sat down and did the math you notice that is just about the darn weekend. However the kids are very excited and just think how much knitting I will get done.
Last night in a terrible wind we wet up this lovely blow air thing that is a ghost for Halloween it is white and it looks like he claps his hands. He looks pretty friendly, I just hope it does not scare my niece and nephew when they come to visit. I think my kids should be passed being scared.
You will notice on my last blog post the comment was from my sister so now I hope the rest of my family will leave me a comment and Heide you will notice she said favorite so now you will just have to up one on her :)well this is just a quick hello I must hop in the shower and meet my son and husband at the area he is on the ice at 7am. Have a Wonderful weekend .Take photo's and make Great memories.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our dyeing workshop it was a very cool, wet day.
Busy times
The Angora goats are sheared and of course the weather is changing. I am pulling plants out of the garden. It is so hard to do they are all so beautiful but I know any day now the weather will change for good. It is so hard to believe it is October so close to Christmas. The next few weeks are busy so I imagine October will also fly by. We have cross country runs, hockey tournaments, School pot luck suppers, Thanksgiving, retreat, my mom's birthday and my mom and dad's anniversary. Plus a whole lot more. For my mom's birthday I will try to think of something cool I do have a good idea, of course I can not write it here because she will read it and then it will be NO surprise!
I just about pulled the plug on my blog but I enjoy writing it, and in away it is the only type of journal I have kept for some time. However It is one thing to get it written but I very seldom reread it and one just hopes it actually publishes. Then I find out there is a lot of typos and grammar errors. However if you all excuse the fact I don't always reread it or that I usually have 7 people trying to tell me a story and it is impossible to concentrate.
I am knitting a vest so we will see how it turns out. Just don't hold your breath for the finished product it may take me awhile. I have a had many people ask about my knitting at the arena and they seem quite interested in spinning so maybe they will get the spinning bug! Well I am quite tired tonight take care