Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All Rabbits are caught up and they are sporting nice new hair cuts. I am waiting on some new wire so I can redo some of my cages it will be nice to get them all organized before the snow hits. Some of my Angora Rabbits are so beautiful you just have to stop grooming them and give them a hug they are so fluffy and kissable. I was reading my New Holland magazine at the arena tonight and there was an article about a man who buys Holstein calves and nurses them back to health and then re- sells them. Anyway it makes me want to go buy a new born calf from the auction we used to do that when we were kids and they are so lovable with their big brown trusting eyes. A new calf is honestly the best it is a good thing I do not live near the auction or I would probably have one by the end of the week. Another thing I would love to do is raise a bunch of bottle goat (kids) one time my mom brought me home 10 -12 babies it was so much fun a lot of work but fun. Anyways enough dreaming. I started spinning some beautiful Alpaca and silk today it is so nice to spin. I tried posting some photos yesterday but they would not load so I will try again tomorrow.

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