Friday, October 27, 2006

Good Morning It is Friday Yeah!
Today is a Soccer tournament for my ten year old daughter so lets hope the weather holds up in previous years we have played soccer in blowing cold wind, snow and rain. Last night was the high school dance and concession duty at the arena it was the first time I didn't mind concession duty only myself and one other parent in the arena last night. Do you ever wonder were do all the other parents go? The arena was better than sitting in the van until 10pm I only had to sit for 1 1/2 hours I parked under a street light knitted and listened to my ipod not too bad. This dance is better than the Christmas dance that waiting is just too cold. In the arena last night I was trying my luck at spindle spinning I find the spinning wheel way easier and spindle spinning the curses just fly out of your mouth. I have not enough wool of my Shetland and silk for the vest I am trying to make I have just a small amount left to spin so I hope to make it go far. Anyways only have of my children are up. I am off to go find the rest. Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning. It is Mandy in the great white north. No snow this morning, not yet anways. It is supposed to snow.
I love reading your blog, it is like a journal and so addicting reading about someone elses life. I think you need to set up a spinning wheel in the back of the van. Just think of the projects you would get done!
Off to pack for our trip down. Lots of love. Me