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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (In Canada) Everyone! The start of a long weekend I truly love holidays the only thing is life does not slow down enough to enjoy the holidays at home. We will spend ours with 15 ice times one game 2 1/2 hours away, two time keeping plus two concession duties (not while my child is on the ice)and then two ice times to work the gate for the tournament. If one sat down and did the math you notice that is just about the darn weekend. However the kids are very excited and just think how much knitting I will get done.
Last night in a terrible wind we wet up this lovely blow air thing that is a ghost for Halloween it is white and it looks like he claps his hands. He looks pretty friendly, I just hope it does not scare my niece and nephew when they come to visit. I think my kids should be passed being scared.
You will notice on my last blog post the comment was from my sister so now I hope the rest of my family will leave me a comment and Heide you will notice she said favorite so now you will just have to up one on her :)well this is just a quick hello I must hop in the shower and meet my son and husband at the area he is on the ice at 7am. Have a Wonderful weekend .Take photo's and make Great memories.

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Anonymous said...

HI and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Top this though~ We are on our third dinner tomorrow!
The first I did last week just in case I missed it. Turkey. Then tonight I did my Ukarainian dinner of cabbage rolls and perogies and ham. And tomorrow we are invited out again!Turkey. Yeah. I will diet Tuesday!

I thought those things haning in the trees were your clapping ghosts. Are they?
I am sure glad you love hockey.
did the dog get her eye popped back in?
My friend Colleen in Washington state loved the blog and checked up on the wedding.
Love Sal