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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Busy times
The Angora goats are sheared and of course the weather is changing. I am pulling plants out of the garden. It is so hard to do they are all so beautiful but I know any day now the weather will change for good. It is so hard to believe it is October so close to Christmas. The next few weeks are busy so I imagine October will also fly by. We have cross country runs, hockey tournaments, School pot luck suppers, Thanksgiving, retreat, my mom's birthday and my mom and dad's anniversary. Plus a whole lot more. For my mom's birthday I will try to think of something cool I do have a good idea, of course I can not write it here because she will read it and then it will be NO surprise!
I just about pulled the plug on my blog but I enjoy writing it, and in away it is the only type of journal I have kept for some time. However It is one thing to get it written but I very seldom reread it and one just hopes it actually publishes. Then I find out there is a lot of typos and grammar errors. However if you all excuse the fact I don't always reread it or that I usually have 7 people trying to tell me a story and it is impossible to concentrate.
I am knitting a vest so we will see how it turns out. Just don't hold your breath for the finished product it may take me awhile. I have a had many people ask about my knitting at the arena and they seem quite interested in spinning so maybe they will get the spinning bug! Well I am quite tired tonight take care

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