Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Morning
Another weekend gone by. Yesterday on our last ice time my oldest daughter plays for Midget house and they were playing a team from out of town there was a bench brawl. I have heard of them but never seen one and all I was hoping my daughter would stay on the bench and not get in the middle of all those boys fighting. We have 3 -5 girls on our team and none of them seem to aggressive. It was crazy all the kids were fighting but I am not sure what about. So now I am not sure what is going to happen the coach sounded like he quit last night it seems so unfair always a few people have to wreck it for the other's.
We have had our first snow fall yesterday the wind is very cold and it froze to just about -10 last night. It caught me off guard the cold so I hope all my bunnies are okay. I know the goats and sheep will be warm but it never fails we always get a hard rain before a cold spell.
I have finished knitting the two pieces for my vest now I must figure out how to put it together. I am little worried my pieces do not match. Only time will tell. I also started knitting some beautiful white Angora I had spun it thick and thin and added a touch of sparkle. It is very pretty so I hope the finished product is just as nice.
Anyways have a Great day off to wake up children.

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