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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tomorrow I am off for my Spinning Retreat I am looking forward to it. I had a great time last year even though I only knew a few people. I am traveling over with my neighbor, she and her friend are the two who put on the retreat. I am taking my Aplaca Fibre to the lady who owns Crofton mills so it is really exciting. I am a little worried on leaving my husband with all the hockey he has 2 games out of town both over 3-4 hours traveling plus two games in town and three practices. I will put on my cell phone, turn it to vibrate so I don't disrupt the hum of Spinning wheels. That way I will be a phone call away for moral support :) Last year my youngest son was a little lost with the shuffle so I hope they will all be okay this time.
I had to take in 4 logging truck tires and a big tank of something (to do with welding or cutting) into town for my husband which they were all very dirty. He goes "I always run all over to Kamloops for you" and Yeah how dirty does he get in Kamloops or how heavy are they. He has no sense of humor over it :)
I managed to do a lot of knitting at the arena we had all four of the ice times in town last night but I find because I am so cold I must tense up because my fingers and shoulders really hurt. Heat is the only thing that makes them feel better.
Anyways have a wonderful weekend and talk to you all soon.

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