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Monday, October 09, 2006

A long weekend coming to an end. It was a busy time but we managed to fit in a Turkey dinner we had it at 7 pm Sunday night. My mom cooked the turkey and brought it over to our house it was really nice. However my younger kids were so wired they were bouncing of the roof. Do you know the Christmas excitement hyper... well they were worse than that. It is truly amazing I do not have gray hair.
The hockey was good but very rough, today my oldest boy played in the finals for first place they came second. He was in about 20 seconds of his first shift in the first period and he hit head on with a very large boy and he hurt his chest. He could not breath until he reached they bench and was spitting up blood. After awhile of coaxing he agreed to go the hospital where they checked him out and took an xray and it turned out clear. Now he hurts really bad, has trouble breathing and when he move a certain way it really bothers him and has a huge headache. He is 6 feet tall but weighs under 150 lbs. I can handle lot of things except when my kids get hurt but I handled it quite well you don't count my hands were shaking so bad that when I was knitting I made a huge mess.
So tonight we are into our 4th on-ice time I will head in about 8:45 to pick up my daughter.
I have been doing some Wonderful dyeing with Mohair. Mohair takes the colour so well it is great to work with. I am heading to my retreat next weekend and I am very excited so I should prepare by not eating much this week so I can sit around all weekend spinning ,knitting and eating. Have a wonderful evening.

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