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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Our lives are revolving around our 4 legged friends. The other day my parents took their Saint Bernard Dog to the vet for a sore leg and he never came home he had advanced bone cancer that had already move on to his lungs. It was really sad we had no idea and it caught us off guard. Then my Yorkshire Terriers eye is healing but really looks ugly and it is quite awful. I don't think he will see out of it again. Then we have two new puppies which I am pretty sure my husband has not notices yet but I hear him driving in with the logging truck right now so I am sure he will notice because it is his first time coming home in the daylight hours. Which I will post this later.... Back soon
Well he may of noticed but no comment. We are on our 5th trip to town and two of those go out of town to the next towns and we for sure a have two more maybe 3 more trips. Do you know how much gas that is? Well I must run to the arena talk to you all soon.

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