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Monday, October 16, 2006

A Nice Weekend

I had a nice weekend at the Cache creek Retreat Desert Messa. My neighbor and I left at 10:35 am and arrived in Cache Creek in time to stop at a cute gift store and I bought my family a gift pack of a variety of fudge. Then we met another Lady and had lunch then of to the Retreat. I helped set up chairs, helped carry supply's in. Then I set up my spinning wheel and spun all weekend. I did accomplish lots and I visited some very nice ladies, ate lots and nobody should eat as much as we did it is a good thing it is only once a year:)I was very tempted to buy an Antique Spinning Wheel it was very nice NO I do not need it but she was very sweet. I should go order her...
My family faired well did a lot of hockey bought three pairs of new skates a few new hockey sticks.
Today I sheared a bunny and I hope to do one again tomorrow and then one the next day and I should be caught up. I have ordered some wire for new cages so when that gets here I will be kept busy for awhile. Well I must go I am off to a soccer game, hockey game, concession duty, and two hockey practices so talk to you all soon.

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