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Monday, October 23, 2006

Building Cages is not an easy task. Without the right tools you end up with blood blisters, cut fingers and a lot of cursing. However I won I have put together four and I am waiting on the rest of the wire to finish off the job. It is such a nice feeling when a big job is done. I had a little trouble putting rabbits in the shiny new cages but it is done. I came in and made a business card label for each bunny with their name, age tattoo and mamma's name. I won't be working with the Rabbits today I have to bake, have supper ready early(so my daughter can feed everyone) while I go off to hockey tonight. If I do work with the bunnies everyone eats wool!
Tomorrow I am having three of my neighbors over for lunch so I just finished baking a cake.
On the weekend my oldest son broke his $130.00 hockey stick I felt so sorry for him after his last game he can hardly walk, sore swollen knees, two sore wrists and he tells me he is still having fun...My middle son told me in his last game he hit the glass or boards (he is not sure which) so hard first everything blurred then he saw double of everything. I am sure that is not good however nobody listens to me when I think they should take up a milder sport. My two daughters won both of there games the youngest got the first goal on her team.
I am half way finished my vest but I had to put knitting on hold while my left wrist healed up it hurt so bad I had to wear a braces I do that now and again if I do too much hay yard work etc.
I think my next project is either going to be a Mohair blanket or a new poncho in dark colours. Only time will tell, I should also get caught up my scrap-booking and I have to think Christmas. I am ahead in buying some of the kids presents but I must get more organized on it soon. Have a wonderful day

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