Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ahh you can not beat a clean house that smells of lemons. I love it when my house is clean. Leaving out here it makes it very, very hard to have a clean house. Hay, dust, dirt, cats and us give you one busy house. It was a very cool day today the temperature was twelve above but it was so cold out and gloomy. A very nasty wind. No more new lambs only three more ewes left to have. I am looking forward to having it over, it sure does drag out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I seem to be having trouble posting up pictures to the blogs. Then when I go to see I see I have a bunch that have not worked. So over my head.
Last evening we worked on the far Lavender garden. At first it seems so overwhelming but if I keep at it I can win.
Last night we sat in the dark for an hour for Earth day. It was soo dark we could not see anything. Yes I know we could have had candles but we were not organized.
We are still full head into hockey. Gosh will it ever end.
We also raked some of the yard and burned the piles. I never did figure out how winter makes such a mess.
Well I should go and do some stuff outside have a good day.
This picture was a few weeks ago
Hunter tries sooo hard to be good but he very rarely succeeds.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of our last snow walks. This is Myrtle. As bad as she looks here, she has been way worse. She is so funny she does not bat an eye she fly, jumps and nose dives all through the snow. She just loves it.
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The baby lambs are being so unbelievable cute. They will all run in a little herd, a couple of them will skip across the barn on all four feet. We have a pile of raked hay in the walk way of the barn that they run up and jump. Just now two little boys were heading bunting each other having a little fight. The only thing is one was so small he had to stand on a rubber feeder to reach.
We are at fourteen babies and still have five more to go. Quite slow are these girls.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

First two days of Spring one Sunny and today cool and rain.
We have twelve lambs so far. The Ewes are taking their sweet time. S.L.O.W all it is doing is making me tired.
Yesterday we had a wonderful day. We had new baby lambs born. We had bouncing, happy little ones everywhere. We had a weiner roast and ate outside. Did a bit of cleaning.
My daughter made a wonderful strawberry cheesecake. Ahh, yes a very fine day.
We have had full Super moons to enjoy. Really quite a bit is happening.
My one son is in the Provincials for hockey. So far they have one their first game they play again later today. It would be amazing if they won. Fingers crossed for them.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look at these two cute little babies. Can you see the black spot on the little boys ear?
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This little boy is called Champion. He really is quite the character. I have been spending most of my days in the barn. It seems I get one step forward and two back.
I am very tired tonight it was a long night last night.
So our head count so far is eight. We have lost two lambs and one ewe. It is so disappointing to loose an animal. I really hate it.
Spring break starts for my kids last day is tomorrow. It will be a busy week. Our one son is off to provincials. Another son wants to play in a tournament. Middle daughter wants to get her hair streaked. So I am sure the week will go by fast.
Not too much in the Creative department, there is just no time right now.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

If we are not bathing Trumpets we are bathing Helmets.
We have been going over my son's equipment to have him ready for the Provincials. We had to buy new gloves, new face mask, pant cover ups, neck guard and these little screw for his helmet. So I am hoping he is all ready now. The play over the Spring break. Dalton is going to be going with another family. If they are winning and it looks like they will be playing in the finals then my husband may head over. It is ten hours away though so we will have to know in good time.

No more babies yet. I tell you those girls are slow. If they would hurry up and deliver their lambs, I could go over with my son for his hockey games.
I have been spending time outside with the rake starting to rake the pine needles. Oh so many pine needles.
I would like to get one Lavender garden done this week. Then slowly start another until I get them all done.

I have been making some mixed medium starfish. The starfish are stuffed full of Lavender. I really think they are cute I will post pictures soon.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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My last few days have been so busy and so full of buckets and buckets of stress. They say a person only gets enough stress handed to them as much as they can handle. Well hell I must be made of bloody steel! I can't even write down how much stress is curling its way through my body. Let me just tell you if we could bottle it up it could blow up the universe.  
Outside it is raining it started as snow but now it is trying really hard to be wet cold rain.
Our lambing is going slow. We have had one little girl be born on Sunday right after the winning hockey game. So we named her Provincial in honour of the boys hockey achievement.
My Uncle passed away two days ago. It is so sad when someone dies. I feel so sorry for my Dad. Gosh life is rough. I hope my Uncle had a good life and enjoyed his time here on earth.
Well on this rather depressing post I am of to to find something Good and positive to do. Have a wonderful day. Do something wonderful. MAKE GOOD CHOICES

This is our Midget Rep team they are heading of to Provincials. I am very excited for the kids. I wish them good luck, to stay safe and have many, many wonderful memories. I can't see very well as this picture is coming up really small but I am sure Dalton is standing next to one of his coaches in this picture.
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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Well we are off to the last game of our Midget Rep team. If they win the move onto Provincials if we loose more home time. However don't get  too excited my kids still want to play in the Native junior tournamet, Father Son tournament. ASRA a hockey team that would represent BC. Hmmm no I guess it is not our last game.
I will write later with updates. I have to run and check the sheep before we go. Have a wonderful day. Make somthing Creative for me as  I won't have time today.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh my goodness how are weeks flying by so fast. I am sure missing a few days of blogging. Not good but  before I know a few days have gone by. I have been keeping busy by doing a little farming, checking sheep , keeping my barn clean and walking dogs. I seem to have inherited a certain hound dog who really is quite bad. I keep him off by himself last night or we will loose him or he will chase sheep or he will chase goats.
Our weather has been pretty crazy also. One minute a snowstorm, or a windstorm, or rain, or amazing blue skies with the sun shining.
Today we had hockey Dalton had his first game in the last round of playoffs. They lost. One of our boys really hurt his hand and had to be taken up to hospital. It is a good thing his Mom was there she is a paramedic, so he was in good hands.
I had to do the 50/50 and we did okay. We made quite a bit of money.
Well I really should go and find my way to bed. Three am comes very quickly.
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