Thursday, March 17, 2011

This little boy is called Champion. He really is quite the character. I have been spending most of my days in the barn. It seems I get one step forward and two back.
I am very tired tonight it was a long night last night.
So our head count so far is eight. We have lost two lambs and one ewe. It is so disappointing to loose an animal. I really hate it.
Spring break starts for my kids last day is tomorrow. It will be a busy week. Our one son is off to provincials. Another son wants to play in a tournament. Middle daughter wants to get her hair streaked. So I am sure the week will go by fast.
Not too much in the Creative department, there is just no time right now.
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Anne Marie... said...

it is so hard to lose and animal - no matter how small - I can so relate to that -

we've never rasied lambs -and I really fear with the abundance of coyotes around here that would be a problem....that little guy you pictured seems to be smiling at you!

so cute.
Anne Marie

freshisle said...

That is the best picture ever. Ever.