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Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh my goodness how are weeks flying by so fast. I am sure missing a few days of blogging. Not good but  before I know a few days have gone by. I have been keeping busy by doing a little farming, checking sheep , keeping my barn clean and walking dogs. I seem to have inherited a certain hound dog who really is quite bad. I keep him off by himself last night or we will loose him or he will chase sheep or he will chase goats.
Our weather has been pretty crazy also. One minute a snowstorm, or a windstorm, or rain, or amazing blue skies with the sun shining.
Today we had hockey Dalton had his first game in the last round of playoffs. They lost. One of our boys really hurt his hand and had to be taken up to hospital. It is a good thing his Mom was there she is a paramedic, so he was in good hands.
I had to do the 50/50 and we did okay. We made quite a bit of money.
Well I really should go and find my way to bed. Three am comes very quickly.
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