Monday, February 28, 2011

What a day, a crazy day. Woke up to a bunch of new snow today. The wind started up and blew and blew the snow, all around which made for a very cold breakfast time for the animals. We put fresh hay in all the beds to help everyone keep a little warmer.
I decided to drive my middle daughter in today as it was just too miserable for her to go in by herself. However it did ease up closer to town. When I went to pull out on the highway the snow was blowing so bad I could not even tell if a vehicle was coming or not.
Miss Nana came out for a visit so we crossed county skied, walked the Beagle, had to salvage a little Yorkshire Terrier (who is determined to be a  big dog). She kept falling into the snow drifts but every so often they were just too deep. We had to haul her out and carry her for a bit.
With the fresh snow and the howling wind we had the most amazing snow drifts. It was if someone had chiseled out the snow or like being on the moon the snow was like craters. It was so incredible I have never seen anything like it here before.
Tonight we put the sheep in the barn. I have been keeping my eye on one ewe so I figured in this miserable weather it is better to have them in the barn where it it dry at night. It is such a cold barn but at least they are out of the wind.
Well I am quite tired so off to bed for me have a good night

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