Saturday, February 12, 2011

A couple of days ago we had a wonderful selection of birds at our feeder. It is like the birds were painted they are so beautiful.
Our days have been so busy lately. The weeks are flying by.
Today we drove into town early to pick up our truck it is all fixed now. Then we went out to the bush for fire wood. We had an amazing drive. Blowing, drifting snow and great colours in the sky. I had great fun taking pictures with my iPhone.
The wind was blowing so crazy I watched a tree blow down. We loaded our wood in record time as we did not want to be stuck in the snow drifts on the road.
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Silk said...

how come you have all the birds down at your place... all we have are chick a dees, and woodpeckers... never had so few birds during the winter... just keep feeding them...