Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines yesterday.
Ours was busy, crazy so we will have our Valentines dinner tonight.

It rained so hard last night, down pour. Then this morning I could not open my truck doors. They were frozen shut so we allowed ourselves extra time to head out to the bus.
The tree branches were so beautiful this morning with frozen rain drops on them. I took a few pictures but it was really hard to get a good close up.

I have Sam I am home today. He was just going to stay home for a bit this morning to skate on the outside rink but he is not feeling well enough to do it now. It seems to be a bit of a stomach bug that makes the kids have really bad stomach ache that comes and goes then it goes again. It has been on and off for a week hitting one or more of my kids.

Hydro came and cut the tree down that was laying on the power line on the top of our property. I guess up above us there were quite a few trees down from our big wind storm.

Well I should really run and make myself use full. Have a wonderful day.
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