Tuesday, February 08, 2011

These lovely visitors were down at the coast when we went down last month.
The days just go by too fast. It seems you wake up and start running and before you know it, it is bed time again.
Our yard is extremely dangerous for ice. Yesterday I had one of the worse fall I have ever had. I actually had to lay there for five minutes with the dogs just to make sure I was still alive. I am thinking today I will take a different route to walk the hound dog.
I made some very good cupcakes or I am assuming they were very good since they are all gone. Nothing went easy yesterday. The icing sugar fell off the counter and did it fly, you would be amazed how far that stuff can go.
Today I am making shortbread heart cookies. However we are running on one vehicle today. Which is not going to be easy as my daughter is in school until nine tonight but at the same time I must have the truck too. Sooo another sucky day with not much getting done as I guess I will be the driver.
Why are we running on truck today? Well are damn logging truck is down again. It was down Friday and my husband worked on it all weekend now this. It spent the night in the bush. All we are working for his to pay the bills. I just honesty just paid the last big break down and now two more break downs in three days.
The break down have not been small ones either.
So on that note I hope your day is awesome. Do something wonderful.
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