Saturday, May 31, 2008

I cleaned up our deck set up some chairs repainted the tea trolley a lovely cream colour.
This is the same photo as one of the evening pictures earlier in the blog. I find the pictures do not do the space justice
We should have many strawberries soon some of the plants are so full of blossoms and then others have none.
Beautiful chives it is hard to believe we have fruit growing, roses in bud all the signs of summer and it has not been very warm.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

This morning walk led us to Nicola Canford it was a nice walk I went with my oldest daughter she did not feel too well a little over half way. I think I could definitely walk to town if only I could spare the time. It took us just under 2 hours and that was with 3 stops and a very slow walk along where the Eagles hang out. I think I will do it again the only thing is my shoes hurt my feet and my knees ache now. I would like to do it again this weekend but we have so much work to do.
We have pulled everything out of our laundry room I think I will attempt to lay the flooring then when I get that room done I will tackle my sun room I am hoping to have enough flooring to do that room too.
I feel like Oprah Winfrey I have new sheets on my bed and they feel so nice just like the rich people. Oprah says when she became Rich she has new sheets are large full bathroom towels. So I am off to read for a bit and enjoy my bed lets just hope I sleep tonight.
We left our lunch early while everyone else was visiting we needed to go sight see we enjoyed looking at peoples house and their yard and tried to imagine us living there.
As I mentioned before Bolton Abbey is wonderful so pretty you can picnic here, fish, visit the church and just relax enjoy the peace and a calmness that comes over you.
Nan enjoying our walk it is so different than home. We were feeling rather English she tells me she would love to go back to England.
Here in Howarth we met this very friendly cat the collar said it's name was Cosmic. Actually we met quiet a few cats on our travels.
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Good Morning
Today is a lovely day sun is shining nicely. Last night I finished a lot of the work in my front yard it looks real nice and yes to my niece I will hate the pine needles. My two younger boys and I went for a walk last night and we were so excited we found two Hawk feathers I have been looking for a Hawk feather or an Eagle feather for the last 5 years. YEAH ME! right now they are in the freezer in case of lice. Well I must run I am off to walk and I have to go before anybody notices and tells me it is a waste of time and go to work rude. I am going to walk towards town and see how far I can get.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The pictures were done with incredible detail.
It reminded me of icing on a cake the icing of the most magnificent wedding cake.

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This is honesty the most beautiful church I have ever been in!

These photos are of the most incredible church I have ever seen. It is truly amazing.
The colours were fantastic.

I wish you all could have been with us to actually see this. My mom will write in the comments and tell you where I was and what church I was in.
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Would any one like some bread? I love to look at all the bread even if we do not eat a lot of it. It was so fun when we bought one at the market it is funny to see people walking with a long loaf of bread under their arm or sticking out of their basket. There was so many bakeries all over Europe we don't even have one in our town other than the grocery store.
Meringue dipped in double cream can you imagine how many calories I consumed... did I mention it was wonderful.
A wonderful Salami Sandwich it also was very good but unfortunately we had to wait nearly 45 minutes it was crazy
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Just Beautiful
We were driving by this so fast I didn't even know it the first two times.

They make all the buildings look so pretty
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Night time photo's

I would like to introduce Lady Geneva. She looks so happy to be in my garden.
I just came in from outside and I took these pictures. We put down a lot of gravel bucket by bucket by bucket...I think it looks pretty cool. Tomorrow I hope to get time to plant some flowers I have a lot of green but not too much colour so I need to import some.
Could you just imagine having a nice cup of tea out here my problem is by the end of the day I am so knackered I can't even think about going back out side to enjoy it.
Today I worked outside quite a bit I was watering flowers in my green house at 6am then after around 11am my husband had to go to Kamloops to get parts so my daughter and I joined him :) He is so sick of us... we got him to drop us off we looked in Chapters, pet-cetera. Then he picked us up and took us to Pet land then we walked to JYSK and Winners then we came went to Costco and came home.
I did have spinning today but I have have so many school meetings and kid things to do I have to catch up around here.
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We were driving through to the Lake District

It was a very beautiful area
It makes me smile to see the horse and riders right in the towns. Here we live in an Agriculture area and very seldom do we see horses down town. Heaven forbid they would probably get a ticket...
You can see in England it was still quite cool out by the trees had not opened yet. Some were just starting.
Yesterday we went to town very early my daughter had an interview however she did not get the job I guess she was quite shy but I told her don't worry about it, Everything happens for a reason... and put it down as a learning experience.
I had two gift certificates one from niece so I put it towards a statue whom we named Lady Geneva after our trip. My other gift certificate was for sears plus where the garden store is shutting down so everything was 25% off I got quite a few flowers three flats plus a few on the side and three large hanging baskets of Fuchsias all for 32.00 . I love Gift certificates!!!
My gravel has arrived after many dramatic phone calls to my poor husband as if he has any say in it he only worked for a week for them but I go the gravel now I have to take one bucket at at time into my yard. I can feel the back ache coming on already. I hope it will look nice sometimes my GREAT plans do not always work...on that note have a wonderful day and go make some great plans.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Could you not bring this lovely place home . I would love to send one of these awesome house in a crate across the ocean to my place then I would move in

Having fun posing for pictures. Don't you love all the moss! Did you know if you take a paint brush and brush on fish fertilizer on your garden things over the season moss will grow and it will look antique.
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A lot of the homes in England have very tiny yards this is the front yard of one home. It is actually the size of our hot tub deck. Everything felt miniature from their logging trucks to the logs they put on the trucks are bucked short and I saw they loaded near the road with a John deer tractor. However up near Scotland there seemed to be more open space which looked more like home. One can not help but love the rock fences, quaint little gardens, oh my gosh if my yard was that size I would be done already.
I was totally amazed by the coal they burned I had never seen it before. They also use wood but when they put the coal on the fire it lets out these little Sparks. It reminded me of the Christmas story where Tiny Tim's dad was only allowed to burn one piece of coal...

Here is a tiny little back yard it was really cute you walked right out from the kitchen.
I have officially started to print out photos I do think it will take me awhile. I am so excited to actually look at each picture and I am really pleased with us for taking so many photos I would be heart broken if I had not done so many. I think each and everyone of you needs to go out takes some photo's and make an album it is a wonderful thing to have for the future. Tell your story no one can tell it for you. Over in Europe some of the Greatest history has come form ladies journals be one of them make our stay here count.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Do we look like we are in Paris?

There were so many people it is amazing to see and a little unnerving.
I bought this lovely scarf that is large enough to be a shawl it has Paris written on it and the Eiffel tower. Does that not say Tourist!!
Mom all dressed up pretty for our Farewell dinner it was a really fun night.Here we were up quite high near a church and then around the corner a way was a wonderful place where their was artists painting people having dinner and coffee out side quite fun to see.
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