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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My younger two kids had their track meet today

It was a good day the weather turned out perfect. The kids had fun. Our day started at 5am with Canada Post phoning the chicks were in so I flew off to town grabbed the chicks. I came home exchanged the chicks for my oldest son headed back to town picked up his friend we were to be at the fire Base for 7:30 but they had text messaged my son to be there for 7:15 no problem except we do not have cell service out where we live so we did not get the message until we were in town. So we were two minutes late. Then I just stayed in town and went Nordic Pole walking along the rive then 6 laps of the track then I volunteered to help set up.
After the track meet we went to Wal mart and my youngest son bought a new bike then it was off home, to the bus. Tonight we walked to the river it has gone down then we went for a bike ride my boys are no fun to ride with they stress me way too much!!!!
Now I am waiting for my girls to get home from soccer my oldest son is in Salmon Arm at the fire base camp there.
I had a lovely surprise in the mail today a birthday card from my Niece and a gift card for $25.00 from Wal Mart to buy something for my Garden. Yeah Me!!!!! Also in the package was a very fun package of seeds for Banana Plant from my sister. Way too cool I will plant them tomorrow
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