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Monday, May 19, 2008

What a crazy night. I was just in bed trying to tell myself I was not sore and to go to sleep and this is after several phone calls from my oldest son and after 11pm. When my mom phoned that her store in town was on fire and would I go into town with her. It was crazy many fire trucks, the hydro company, the gas company, ambulance, police. We could not get in so we do not know the damage. The good thing is the man who rents the apartment upstairs got out safe and his little boy was not with him. He has however lost his cat but hopefully he will show up today. When I got home I had to shower again as the smell of the smoke was all over me so it was after 1:30 when I got to bed.
Earlier my two younger sons went toward town to get some rock from the rock bluff (mountain side) along the highway near Pozbons we were getting near the end when my son started say MOM! Mom! mom! ... a rock slide had started first he saw the dust flying then some small rocks and like gravel then bigger rocks started rolling. Well we through our rocks in the truck I made my son's get in the truck at a run but then we had hid the keys as we were by ourselves so I had to grab those it seemed to take forever to get out of there. where the rock were flying down a few minutes earlier we had been over there. Very scary it made me realize how one could not get out of a situation in an emergency.
So I am off to the barn to see what today brings.

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