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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today was a busy day the weather was quite dreary gray and damp. We had the fire going all day to take the chill of the house. I had a nice lunch with my neighbors it was good to see them again. I took my son to his second day of his first aid for fire fighting I am not sure when we will know if he has made it they only pick two. We went and spoke for hay and picked up our first load I hope to go first thing in the morning for another load.
This evening before supper I Nordic pole walked to our other road near our post office boxes while my youngest son rode his bike for some reason I really seized up on this walk that usually does not happen. Well I am off to bed talk to you all soon tomorrow some of our chicks arrive.

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Jane said...

Had to laugh the other day when I saw a group of ladies nordic pole walking @ the shops! 10 minutes away from the capital city of West australia.No snow in sight nor is there ever likely to be, unless the world freezes all over.he he.