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Friday, May 30, 2008

This morning walk led us to Nicola Canford it was a nice walk I went with my oldest daughter she did not feel too well a little over half way. I think I could definitely walk to town if only I could spare the time. It took us just under 2 hours and that was with 3 stops and a very slow walk along where the Eagles hang out. I think I will do it again the only thing is my shoes hurt my feet and my knees ache now. I would like to do it again this weekend but we have so much work to do.
We have pulled everything out of our laundry room I think I will attempt to lay the flooring then when I get that room done I will tackle my sun room I am hoping to have enough flooring to do that room too.
I feel like Oprah Winfrey I have new sheets on my bed and they feel so nice just like the rich people. Oprah says when she became Rich she has new sheets are large full bathroom towels. So I am off to read for a bit and enjoy my bed lets just hope I sleep tonight.

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