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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am home!!!!

Hi everyone! What an amazing holiday I have been on I have been to eight different countries. I have seen so much the days are blending into one another. The pictures I have taken... at this point I have down loaded 2670 photo's and I am not done yet. Can you imagine my silly old computer is actually groaning. I have another card to put in and then photo's from my moms cameras. It was wonderful from England the moores (not sure on that spelling), the 1000's of sheep and what a wonderful time to go with the baby lambs. We drove to tiny little communities with so much history, we saw a ghost or two when we visited Howarth the place Bronte Sisters where from. We headed up to Scotland we drove along the coast to seaside towns. We ate English candy, cakes and drank are fill of Orange juice. We rode a tube, trains, got on and off boats from little boats to scenic cruisers to river boats, flew in 4 airplanes.
My camera was a great trouper it did some awesome pictures a huge percent where taken through windows of the car, bus or train most of them are zoomed in for 100's of miles up into the mountains or if I spotted a tiny house or a goat way up in the Swiss Alps zoomed in I did and walla a wonderful picture.
I hope to put my photos up on flicker but give me time we are in birthday mode and Graduation for the next few weeks. I will write more and add more photo's as I can. However today is soccer, birthday party and trying to tell myself I am not sleepy.
Thanks to my Mom for the most wonderful trip Savannah and I have ever been on we had so much fun, many laughs, mom was wonderful she was right beside us every step up to the Alps, through mountain towns, climbed down the Eiffel Tower we walked all over Europe. Thank you again. xxxoxxx
I will write more with the book on the spelling so I can tell you all about it.
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Anonymous said...

We missed you v. much. Can't wait to hear more stories.!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! So happy you had a wonderful time. I am very anxious to hear all your stories. Miss you and love you.