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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh my gosh it is beautiful out, so warm looking and the sun is actually shining. We managed to get our last load of hay not too much 174 bales I am sure glad I did not delay in asking for it because when we were loading it someone else had come to ask for it.
Last night one of my little bottles babies was bloating so we doctored it up and I am kind of scared to go check it this morning.
I am ready to work on my yard I started a bit but I have been way to busy to get right down and dirty.
Today is the grad ceremony my oldest son is actually graduating or unless he messes with the principle today and does not get to go:) He is going to the practice run of the ceremony then I am not sure where golfing fits in to his school schedule. Well I have to run I do not have too many kids at the breakfast table yet.

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