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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Night time photo's

I would like to introduce Lady Geneva. She looks so happy to be in my garden.
I just came in from outside and I took these pictures. We put down a lot of gravel bucket by bucket by bucket...I think it looks pretty cool. Tomorrow I hope to get time to plant some flowers I have a lot of green but not too much colour so I need to import some.
Could you just imagine having a nice cup of tea out here my problem is by the end of the day I am so knackered I can't even think about going back out side to enjoy it.
Today I worked outside quite a bit I was watering flowers in my green house at 6am then after around 11am my husband had to go to Kamloops to get parts so my daughter and I joined him :) He is so sick of us... we got him to drop us off we looked in Chapters, pet-cetera. Then he picked us up and took us to Pet land then we walked to JYSK and Winners then we came went to Costco and came home.
I did have spinning today but I have have so many school meetings and kid things to do I have to catch up around here.
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Anonymous said...

Gig - I can't believe your yard! The rocks look so lovely and tidy. Hopefully you still love them when the pine needles fall! I can't figure out where you have rock and where you don't, can you take a photo standing up on your deck near the BBQ for me. It sure will be nice not having to weed eat your entire yard now.
Love Pooh.