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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A lot of the homes in England have very tiny yards this is the front yard of one home. It is actually the size of our hot tub deck. Everything felt miniature from their logging trucks to the logs they put on the trucks are bucked short and I saw they loaded near the road with a John deer tractor. However up near Scotland there seemed to be more open space which looked more like home. One can not help but love the rock fences, quaint little gardens, oh my gosh if my yard was that size I would be done already.
I was totally amazed by the coal they burned I had never seen it before. They also use wood but when they put the coal on the fire it lets out these little Sparks. It reminded me of the Christmas story where Tiny Tim's dad was only allowed to burn one piece of coal...

Here is a tiny little back yard it was really cute you walked right out from the kitchen.
I have officially started to print out photos I do think it will take me awhile. I am so excited to actually look at each picture and I am really pleased with us for taking so many photos I would be heart broken if I had not done so many. I think each and everyone of you needs to go out takes some photo's and make an album it is a wonderful thing to have for the future. Tell your story no one can tell it for you. Over in Europe some of the Greatest history has come form ladies journals be one of them make our stay here count.
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MOM said...

Hi Gig.
I have written in all your tour blogs, to say the names of places. So any blog readers can look back if they want to.
Todays pictures were taken, at Gill'ys house in Skipton Yorkshire.
Wasn't it lovely up there?
Love MOM

Jane said...

Hey,your holiday photos just made my day.Fantastic!I was born not far from York in Yorkshire and one of my Aunties lives near Skipton, in Ilkley.Jane