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Sunday, May 25, 2008

This was one of my favorite places I would so love to back here for a day and hike, eat ice cream and a good cup of tea. You will notice I don't often write the names of places that is because I did not know where I was half the time or I could not pronounce it. So mom if you leave a comment on our trip photos you can give me the correct spelling :)S soon as I get time I will print out our photos and label them and write stories.

Over in England a lot or most buildings have names it is such a lovely thing to do. We have a very similar sign on our gate and one in our yard that we got made on our last visit right after 9/11. My mom is going to have one for her house we had fun making up some lovely names all relating to flowers.

Yesterday my children and I put little collars on our bottle babies with bells they were so cute but I bet they have a headache this morning. I brought two bells home from Switzerland but I am not sure who gets the honour of wearing them I have a few goats in mind but one can not have favoritism.
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