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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We were driving through to the Lake District

It was a very beautiful area
It makes me smile to see the horse and riders right in the towns. Here we live in an Agriculture area and very seldom do we see horses down town. Heaven forbid they would probably get a ticket...
You can see in England it was still quite cool out by the trees had not opened yet. Some were just starting.
Yesterday we went to town very early my daughter had an interview however she did not get the job I guess she was quite shy but I told her don't worry about it, Everything happens for a reason... and put it down as a learning experience.
I had two gift certificates one from niece so I put it towards a statue whom we named Lady Geneva after our trip. My other gift certificate was for sears plus where the garden store is shutting down so everything was 25% off I got quite a few flowers three flats plus a few on the side and three large hanging baskets of Fuchsias all for 32.00 . I love Gift certificates!!!
My gravel has arrived after many dramatic phone calls to my poor husband as if he has any say in it he only worked for a week for them but I go the gravel now I have to take one bucket at at time into my yard. I can feel the back ache coming on already. I hope it will look nice sometimes my GREAT plans do not always work...on that note have a wonderful day and go make some great plans.
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