Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My last few days have been so busy and so full of buckets and buckets of stress. They say a person only gets enough stress handed to them as much as they can handle. Well hell I must be made of bloody steel! I can't even write down how much stress is curling its way through my body. Let me just tell you if we could bottle it up it could blow up the universe.  
Outside it is raining it started as snow but now it is trying really hard to be wet cold rain.
Our lambing is going slow. We have had one little girl be born on Sunday right after the winning hockey game. So we named her Provincial in honour of the boys hockey achievement.
My Uncle passed away two days ago. It is so sad when someone dies. I feel so sorry for my Dad. Gosh life is rough. I hope my Uncle had a good life and enjoyed his time here on earth.
Well on this rather depressing post I am of to to find something Good and positive to do. Have a wonderful day. Do something wonderful. MAKE GOOD CHOICES

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