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Sunday, March 13, 2011

If we are not bathing Trumpets we are bathing Helmets.
We have been going over my son's equipment to have him ready for the Provincials. We had to buy new gloves, new face mask, pant cover ups, neck guard and these little screw for his helmet. So I am hoping he is all ready now. The play over the Spring break. Dalton is going to be going with another family. If they are winning and it looks like they will be playing in the finals then my husband may head over. It is ten hours away though so we will have to know in good time.

No more babies yet. I tell you those girls are slow. If they would hurry up and deliver their lambs, I could go over with my son for his hockey games.
I have been spending time outside with the rake starting to rake the pine needles. Oh so many pine needles.
I would like to get one Lavender garden done this week. Then slowly start another until I get them all done.

I have been making some mixed medium starfish. The starfish are stuffed full of Lavender. I really think they are cute I will post pictures soon.
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