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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to the very best fifteen year old I know. He really did not want to go to school. They say your name over the PA then give you a cup cake. He was so stressed. He made me feel his head to see if he had a fever. He thought he might need NyQuil....Then he asked his Dad."Dad what is the temperature of a normal human being"... Allan answered "I don't know around 98 I think" WHY.... Dalton answered I am 95... I have been laughing all day. So I let him stay home. He was so happy all day. We bought him four new shirts all his favorite name brands, a Switzerland back pack he wanted, lots of bubble gum and an I-touch.
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dalton, I hope you had a great day. We thought of you. I will give you a present when I next see you.
Love aunty Sally & Koa