Thursday, October 27, 2011

The picture was taken last Saturday of the Sun.
We are freezing every night, the wind is cool, yet we are still getting breaks of beautiful sunshine.
I worry I will wake up to that white stuff.
 As much as I think snow is beautiful, it is the driving.
 I worry sick about my husband on the highway twenty four - seven.
 I worry about my daughters driving.
I worry about my daughter having to have a baby and  they do not deliver babies in this town.
I worry about my son in Tumbler Ridge working in a mine.
 I worry about my son's girlfriend in Tumbler Ridge working in a mine.
 And, why because of snow and winter driving.
As soon as the first cold spell hits us, I am out making the rink. Last year was awesome we had the ice rink from November until the end of February.
I hope you all have pleasant dreams and I hope you do not wake up to the white stuff.

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