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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two more today one boy and one girl . I was have way to Kamloops when my children called as soon as I turn my back something goes on. Today was very busy we had to deal with babies babies and more babies this morning it took forever to pair up the mom's and babies, bottle feed, milk, trim wool then we went to Kamloops to pick up my mom from the airport then we came home and out again and then out again at 9:30pm now I am ready for bed. I did a little crocheting on the way over to Kamloops and a little knitting at the airport. Well off to have a sleep talk to you all tomorrow.
Today is my niece 's birthday I hope you had a wonderful day I thought of you often. Love you lots


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day to Pooh!
We are here and starting to unwind. It is much warmer here. Konrad is cooking MahiMahi, Tuna, and rice.
Waiting for Elaine to arrive. Feeling much better- finally!
Love the pictures of you and Al in brown. v. cute.
Love Sal

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I did have a great day however I was playing nurse to my sick husband and kids. Things got even better though when my best friend and her girls showed up.
Loving the sun up here, glad the weather is nice for our company! Although, we did get a huge dump of snow the other night.
I love all the farm photos...and so do my kids!
Miss you lots.
Love Pooh.