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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Good Morning I realized at 4am this morning I did not write on this blog if I am not on the ball on Friday's my Norton does his thing all night plus I was at the arena.
We are in baby mode but none yet it is funny I can wake up any time of the night get up stay up go to bed late wake up early. However if I know when I have to go out side it is awful I am tired, sleep in, stare at the monitor until I can focus my eyes YUP! real pathetic...
This year my faithful old dog is not with me she used to walk quietly behind me. I sure do miss her, man would I do anything to have her back I love all my other dogs but she was different.
We have been taking Mimzy outside with us he quite likes it but my goodness does he get wet I want him to be able to follow my daughter our other small dogs can not come out of the front yard to the rest of the property. It is truly our own fault we were scared we would loose them so now they are too silly to be out. Plus there has been a very beautiful Eagle sitting in the tree across the road who I do not want snacking at my house.
Well full weekend of hockey will it ever end no I think not you all have a wonderful day do something clever, fun and creative and make wonderful memories

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