Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A young Peacock these birds are quite hysterical they jump, fly bounce into wire not a relaxing bird in captivity.
Today was a good day raking, cleaning, burning piles. I decided yet again the only good Pine tree is on the back of a logging truck... man for Pine needles...
We also got caught up on ear tagging at the barn we wait a few days until the babies are stronger then do the nasty jobs.
We moved feeders used the tractor to clean up winter mess in the barn yard, a little too early for that but still we started. I put the second coat of paint on the China cabinet so I hope to finish the outside of that tomorrow.Sometimes I a not sure where the day goes but it sure goes by fast.
I had a funny thing happen today I went outside to put he goats to bed and I had a goat on her back legs in the air stuck I have seen and heard of sheep doing this but not goats. She looked like an over fed walrus so my middle son went and flipped her over it was quite funny I called him to come do it as my arms were full of hay and he just stood looking at her not knowing what to do. Sometimes it is so funny around here. Yesterday I had my three younger kids in the barn helping, one in RBK (this is a sports name brand) top to bottom outfit all clean bending right over looking at a goats back end telling her it was going to be all right it's just a little hand going up her bottom. He then had my youngest son leaning on him also looking at her back end but he was in full Goalie gear. Then there was my youngest daughter laughing, giggling telling jokes wearing very new looking running shoes trying to keep the dog from jumping in the barn from 7 feet below. All I could do was smile you'd think they were all new to farming.
Well off to get my husband up for work.
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Anonymous said...

I can picture your story and just loved it!
You are doing a great job with your menagerie and I love the light hearted stories you tell.