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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Looking pretty with Mimzy
Very Bad Goats
Looking for grain
We are finished for awhile our last goat had this afternoon. We have one more for sure but not for a little while then I think Sat. We will get the herd in and check the rest that have not had at this point only have of the herd has been bred so we will have to wait and see.
The goat today was a huge as a cow she was so big my son and I could not flip her to check her and she only had one baby. The bonus to that is she is in good shape. Now the soul searching who do we keep and who do we cull I am so not good at this I think I should be able to keep all of them..
My husband thinks I should have only 1 - 10 he is absolutely no fun unfortunately my dad agrees HMM.... Men. With our babies right now we are at over 70 :)...:)....:0 that makes me smile I know way too many!!!! NOT
We went for a quick trip to Kamloops so the kids could go to Walmart I went to a sewing store. Now we have a hockey tournament in Maple Ridge however I won't go.
Tomorrow I will post a photo of my new crochet trick I am feeling quite pleased with myself.
Well guess what I am not setting the alarm tonight I do not have to get up 3-5 times I am sleeping in until 6 or 7 am. So have a wonderful night sleep good.
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freshisle said...

Wow! 70!! I would want to keep them all, too. The babies are so cute.