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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This morning after I came in from checking the goats it was 4am I went back to bed and within a few minutes ended up with a terrible headache it was so bad I could not sleep lay still and I searched high and low for Tylenol nothing eventually I did find some in my knitting bag. I could not bend over to look or put my socks on I could not deal with the goats it took everything I had to feed the babies. I then went over for coffee with my dad had one sip of coffee and I really thought I was going to be sick but then it passed. My husband and my dad are both sick. It does not really matter if I am sick or not my days still go on and I still manage to do lots. I am definitely winning in my front yard the pond is still frozen but the yard should be ready for the Easter Bunny.
I just came in from checking the goats so I think I will head to bed three hours goes by real fast I check the goats about every three hours or sooner if there is one I am watching.

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