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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Bye

This lovely girl died last night and I have no idea why. She was 9 years old on Valentines day we brought her home at 3 weeks old. She was a very good dog no real bad habits, good with the kids. Her only faults was she was terribly idol and would steal your food for instance when my husband would bend down to tie his shoe and put his cookies on his lunch kit at 2am wrong thing to do or she would steal his lunch again if he tied his shoes... She really seemed Happy she would lay on her back legs in the air and growl while she rolled out her back she truly believed when we put the gravel down it was just for her.
This picture was only a couple of days ago. Rest in piece baby and go find Poppy... I loved you very much
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Anonymous said...

v. sad to hear about CoCo. big old fat lout!
It makes me want to sniffel looking at her picture. she was a lovely old big girl. I will tell Chilko tomorrow. Her Rhodesian Ridge Back African Tree Climbing cross alaskan Husky Giant Malamute Puppy died before her.
She brought solitude and contentment to your family and her life served a purpose!

Silk said...

hi sorry to hear about CoCo... don't they leave a big hole in our hearts... i choke up every time i hear the bird call Gyp..