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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking for treats

He was so excited check out the shoes. All day he was asking how do other people have Easter does he come on Mon. or Sun. What was my Easter like when I was little. We actually thought Easter Bunny would have to come Monday but we manged it.
The Easter Bunny hid them all over
Eating Hard boiled eggs

It was so cold and miserable. We had to wait for the Easter Bunny until 5pm my husband left him a note so he would come by our house at the end of the day as two of our boys were in hockey tournaments. One came first and the other second and he and another boy won all star for the tournament.
No matter how old they are they still have fun and it is kinda nice to see the older ones pump up the younger ones. This holiday really fills my heart I love Easter and I don't usually like to share my kids with anyone but I am getting better. It is going to be quite hard for me when they all leave home but Ia m getting better every day with the growing up and learning to let go very little each day. As I write this it is snowing blowing really bad and my oldest son is driving home right now so you all may want to remind me I am getting better at letting them grow up...NOT!!!!!!!!
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