Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here is a huge fish someone caught it was huge and so yucky. Ach I hate fish
Jord dreaming of fishing

More weird ocean life. I wonder what this stuff is?
Today I have been awake since 1:30 am I could not sleep not even if you paid me. So I found coffee and started to clean my room. How does it get messy when I am never in there...I then plucked more feathers from my very expensive bed then shop vacuumed. I swear it is like sleeping with Oliver. Oh Oliver is our big, brown, rubbery Muscovy duck. FEATHERS everywhere it is absolutely amazing. I then hung up my winter look. I just hope my husband does not get all tangled up when he shuts off his alarm, actually if don't tell him it is really funny but he just about wrecks the place...:)
Our bear was back tonight with her two cubs and what does my son do throws rocks at her and she stands up on her hind legs or maybe it was one of the cubs I was in town at hockey. Do you ever wonder why I walk around with stress headaches all the time. Well I am off to bed have a good night.
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