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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I hope everyone is great. We have been busy but a good busy, our cat is back from the vet neutered and we thought we would have a few days quiet with him. Nope, not, no, never, not going to happen... We had 20 minutes if that quiet time while he drank a bowl of water and ate a whole bowl of food then he was back to terrorizing our house. So all is good.
We are farm sitting for my friend and last week her dog was spayed and she has started chewing her stitches or she pull to hard and broke the stitch open anyways not sure on what to do I phoned her daughter she said she would look on them in the morning and I just got back from checking her so I will go up first thing in the morning I go see her.
I took our tree down today it was getting pretty dry I always get sad when it is time to take down the decorations but have no fear I am already planning next year. I have bought a new fish tank it is a corner one and I have put it in our office room and it looks lovely we put in live plants now we just have to decide what type of fish to get. I would love to do salt water fish but I hear it is tricky to keep it at the right atmosphere. Anyone have any ideas.

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