Thursday, December 07, 2006

I am finished the two parts for the new Poncho so now I get to sew them together and get it finished up. It is nice to see a project finished it is really quite exciting. I have started to make my Christmas purse in white wool with some Angora and some sparkle wool I hope it works out. To be honest a lot of stuff I do never goes as I picture it but it never stops me. I went to our Spinning Guilds Christmas party it was quite nice but I find I can't quite join in with my mind so occupied with stuff I have to do. Everyday this week I have been out all day and every evening so I have been wondering when does one wrap presents and I need to spend some time out with the farm. Today I am driving a van full of grade three's to the highs school for something to do with art and a volleyball game tomorrow a volley ball tournament then into a full weekend of hockey tournaments, games, practices and a long trip on a bus to Revelstoke. On the bus trip if I do go I plan on using my time wisely just not too sure with what yet. Well I am behind schedule must get the kids going.

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