Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I just got back from a wonderful lunch with my neighbors, Janet made a great pumpkin soup I never thought I would like it but it was nice. I left early because we are to go get a Christmas tree but my husband is running late the gut who is welding went for lunch in the middle of the job...
I am going to make myself a Christmas purse as soon as I finish this poncho I have the wool picked out and I think I will make it on my flat hand held loom. I will keep you in touch as I go with it. I have no time for spinning but I hope to get back with it after Christmas. Well my Christmas tree partner just drove it so off to find a Charlie Browner!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gig, the photos of the snow are beautiful. I am excited to see the pictures of the poncho and be sure to post a photo of your Charlie Brown Christmas tree. =)
We have so much snow here, you know, the very heavy type where you don't want to go out and shovel? Well, I am procrastinating by playing on the computer. Must go get it done before it gets even heavier as the day gets warmer.
Miss you lots. Love Pooh