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Friday, December 01, 2006

Yesterday we started to decorate the house what fun! It is exciting to get out all the Christmas stuff and set it but it is funny that by January one is ready to put it away and then our house seems bigger and cleaner. Last night while I was waiting between variety show, band meeting, and hockey my oldest son and I went around looking at houses to see if any decorations were up yet and just to look at nice houses. However we can not be discreet it seems everyone knows our van which is quite odd I never pay any attention to someone's vehicle. It seems when one has a large family people like to see what they do keep track observe. When we all go out together you would think we were all naked for the commotion we make and yet their are others with very, very large families that you read about and I bet they can't get any shopping down when they go up town:)Well I must run and get kids up to shower I am told I am taking an Angora bunny in for show and tell this morning. have a GREAT day. Today is December 1st the year it just going by way to fast.

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